Stabo Air || Zambian & International Cargo Services

How We Work

1. Freight sent to Liege, Belgium for transport to Lusaka Zambia

2. Freight flown on our MD11F to Lusaka

3. Collection of cargo in Zambia from our handling agent*.

*Special Cargo (valuables, diplomatic, perishables and live animals) - Collection within 45 minutes after aircraft arrival.

Dry or General Cargo - Collection within two hours after aircraft arrival.

Our Schedule

Flight No. Day Depart Time Arrive Time
AJK 8250 SUN LGG 18:00 LUN 04:15*
AJK 829 MON LUN 06:30 JNB 08:30*
AJK 830 TUE JNB 06:00 EBB 10:00*
SBO 8310 WED EBB 00:01 LGG 08:30

* Arrival following day